Tyler Parrish

Tyler Parrish


I know this isn't a good picture. But even in its grainy, partially overexposed, partially over-contrasted badness, what is highlighted is the twinkle in my eyes and the happiness in my smile. These features are the epitome of what my art is about. I push to make every piece a universal connection of the childlike innocence of youthful adoration for life. Simply put, I want people to connect with the kid within themselves.

The will to maintain youthfulness is what my artistic styling embodies and it will always, at its core, be a reflection of life and the world. Each piece will hold onto the epiphanic, wonderous brilliance of childhood in some way. Even when I speak on darker moments and deeper issues it is through the eyes of a child that views the world almost as an outsider with unrelenting optimism and a magical belief in faith.

I believe in a universal connection among people through shared experiences. We all think of God, life, death, religion, family, truth, love, relationships, marriage, career, fun, and so on as the core for all decisions in life and I think tapping into these experiences is what helps me connect with people. More so I believe it's the privilege of artists to be able to think about the deepest parts of life that only the most privileged have the opportunity of gazing upon in their thoughts. All of these combined make up the basis for my artwork and at the end of the day it doesn't make me just reflect, but these philosophies towards my art and life make me want to be the best person I can be outside of art as well, and that's how I know I'm doing things right.