T William Holland

T William Holland


Thank you for stopping by!

Since a young age, I have always been very much interested in the creative processes. Although I had never tried my hand at painting, I always found it to be very unique to the point that it would be something I would always want to try. When the opportunity arrived later in life, I found myself diving right in and enjoying it so much that it quickly became my number one outlet and passion.
With support from my wife and friends, I started this page and gallery in hopes of getting my works out there in the world. Though I have yet to officially find a gallery to display my works, it is on the goals I have set for myself. Soon I hope to see that changed in order to be noticed as a more professional rather than amateur painter of sorts.

My works, as you will see, are totally original, mostly entirely oil based, and usually abstract in design. I often find myself wondering if I am an abstract artist or a more contemporary one who has modern influences? Regardless, I stick with the label of an "abstract" artist simply because it allows myself the ability to do virtually anything on canvas as I truly enjoy getting out a freshly bought canvas, putting my headphones in, and letting whatever it is, happen. I use a variation of techniques with various brushes and truly enjoy using the pallet knife. The different variations on a painting can be so unique it's a shame I didn't get to painting earlier in life.

With that, I am a full time teacher of Social Studies, and enjoy the learning process and am thankful you have stopped by my page to take a look. I hope you can see with my works as in any others you view that every piece has a story of its own to tell. I often find myself hating the fact that I give certain titles to my pieces. I know the way I view a piece that I have completed will hopefully resonate on a totally different level with another person and so, some of my paintings will not have a title but rather, would like to be interpreted by you. I like to think its okay for some to not be named but rather, enjoyed or thought about in whatever fashion it is presented in.
If you find yourself interested in more of my works, please take a look. I make it a point to paint as often as humanely possble which is at least a few times a week.

If you find yourself interested in seeing some of the processes my paintings take on, please do not be afraid to follow my Instagram account where I post videos and pictures


There you will be able to access other social media outlets I am accosicated with.

If you happen to really genuinely enjoy or especially connect with one of my pieces and do not totally agree with the price. Please reach out to me in some form or fashion. I have tried to make these pieces as affordable as possible considering the going trends and rates. With that, I am sure there are those out there who would enjoy my works but just can't do the prices. It would be an honor to simply have my piece hanging in your houseold rather than not.

I would also like to mention that I personally do not like signing the front of the painting as so many do. I understand that it is common place to do so and is probably good for exposure. However, in that, I do not want my signature taking anything away from my works of art and rather, instead of signing on the front. I will usually sign on the side of the painting. There I usually date it and if it is given a title at the time of the signing, title it. If the side of the painting is not wide enough, I do sign on the back as well. I do not use anything that would show on the front, if that were to be the case, I would not sign it at all.

Please do not be afraid to reach out for anything at all as I am always welcoming to discussions, comments, critiques, and more.
Thanks again for taking a look. I do appreciate it.

T.W. Holland