Eric Hansen (Sleight of Hansen)

Eric Hansen (Sleight of Hansen)

Eric Hansen is magician/artist who lives in the middle of nowhere Canada with his radiant partner Monique.
He now spends most of the work week in his shop. During the last 30 years magic and wood working have been his passionate forms of expression. Combing these 2 art forms to create magic props that even your partner would love to display in the living room.
Eric has a reverence for nature and love of the outdoors. The flame of Eric’s interest in art was ignited by living in the bush on a semi-secluded lake and managing forest fires/ emergency services for the last 40 years. Creating out of necessity?
The Birch and Cedar Burls used in various creations have been harvested from dead trees in the area. The burls are usually retrieved during the winter months via snow machine and snow shoes. In addition Eric likes to create magical art from found objects. This refurbished art form, has been described as a fusion of Steampunk and Toy Story.
With utmost proficiency he invites us to view the world as a magical artistic experience. Through his art we experience our universe with a new expansive and compelling perspective.

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