Tucky Fussell

Tucky Fussell


I see paintings as collaborative works with the viewer...-they are frozen moments in time, like movie frames, part of a much bigger story. I select one moment to depict visually, and the viewer makes the movie, creating what happened before and after.

Painting for me is an avocation which enhances my main career, that of an international art educator. Vestiges of the places I have lived and taught- Pakistan, Kuwait, India, the Philippines, Paraguay, Costa Rica- often form the landscapes of these images. The subjects might come from books or movies I am consuming at the time, or political events that hold personal interest.

I had the good fortune to grow up in an extraordinary household with two brilliant parents, both of whom made sure to expose me to art, music and literature throughout my childhood, in the US and Europe. Both my mother and father showed me that literature, art and music were the main courses that fueled not only our imaginations, but our ability to reason and form an argument. I am grateful to both of them- Betty Fussell and Paul Fussell.

Work 2021-2022

Digital art

Work 2019-2020