Troy Lecointe ART

Troy Lecointe is an experienced and well rounded artist based in the Bronx, New York. Creating images of the obscure and urban-cultural cityscapes, his work allows him to constantly explore new places and take the challenges of new techniques to better execute his studies by using his knowledge of various mediums. In doing so, he is able to invite audiences to view the life of the city through a number of different perspectives. His work has been featured in a number of events around the city including the RAWartist showcase in Brooklyn, NY.

Since 2015, the artist has worked with a selection of mediums including watercolor, acrylic paint, and india ink to capture the scenes of New York City. Through the use of techniques including semi-realism and pop art, Lecointe has been able to bring his work to a different level of precision. He applies the strengths of his mediums to achieve a rich palette of vibrant hues with both saturated and muted tones. His application is careful and assured.

Lecointe has a high interest in his environment and the amount of thought and detail that goes into what makes urban city life the way it is. He is also an active supporter of the local Arts community and has contributed to a vast amount of start up business involving clothing brands, and music through the use of his techniques as an artist.

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