Tropical Classics

Tropical Classics

I have been creating art using multiple materials for about 30 years. Tropical Classics best describes the main style that my work encompasses in wood. I began pyrography on wood and collaborating with my husband, a marine carpenter. I burn and then paint my designs on plywood, switchplates, picture frames, mirror frames, and guitars. I also burn and paint wood sculptures my husband carves, such as fish and turtles.

Adding other forms of art to our mix has been enlightening and energetic. These forms include concrete and the use of metal paints to decorate with patinas.

Along the way, we were fortunate to collaborate with the Fender Custom Shop in California on six guitars and be featured in Fender calendars, posters and in a book written about the history of the Custom Shop.

All in all, it's been an enjoyable long strange trip. A collection of our art can be seen on our website and in my Etsy store TropicalClassics.

Thanks for coming! JLowe