I was born in Rome, Italy where I lived and studied Graphic Design until I moved to London in 1992.
London was the place for me to become a Tattoo Artist. I would spend the next 25 years creating and tattooing original designs for clients from all walks of life.

I have now relocated to Thailand where I live with my husband and two sons and where I took up painting full time.

I have always loved art in all it's forms, and although I sometimes do graphic work, my true love has quickly become fine art and painting.
I enjoy mixing and painting with powder pigments from Italy.

My inspiration comes from the varied and vibrant flora and fauna life around me and I'm concentrating firstly on marine life.
This has been a long felt project and I'm thrilled to be doing it. As the topic of plastic pollution takes its toll on marine ecosystems I want to highlight what we could possibly loose in the very near future showcasing the beauty of marine dwellers.
My paintings aim to be as much political as beautiful.

In the future I would like to bring to life a collection of works based on the human animal and how he relates to nature.

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