Trish Bonnette

Trish Bonnette

I have been painting and drawing since I can remember. I was even a Fine Arts major for 2 years before I realized that it would be very difficult (pre internet) to make a living. I actually am a web developer for a living. I hope to be able to, when I retire, create my art and be able to sell it.

I love the pastel medium because of the brilliant colors. I love paintings with brilliant saturated colors like those of the sunset and sunrise. I mainly do landscapes and seascape with preference on the seascapes.

I am a crazy horse lover and especially love to paint the wild mustangs. I follow all the advocate groups as they attempt to keep our wild horses wild.

Seascapes also allow for the play of drama in the light and colors whether it is a day seascape with cerulean skies or a sunset/sunrise or a night time seascape.

I lived in Florida for years on the beach and all over the state. Most of my paintings are inspired by Florida seascape and the sunrise / sunset on the Florida coastline.

The Majesty Of

The Eyes of Series