Trish Perrevos

Trish Perrevos

Coming from a background of Advertising and Graphic art, Trish concentrated mainly on portraiture, working in acrylic medium. The artist had her first exhibition at the Crake Gallery, Johannesburg, South Africa, in a one-woman show. The focal point of this exhibition was a 8' x 6' canvas in acrylic paint titled "The Caretaker". This painting received positive media attention and was retained in the artist's private collection until late1997,when it was sold to a private collector in the U.S.A.

Over the following several years she also worked in watercolor, pencil and oil on a combination of portraiture and wildlife studies, selling both privately and through galleries such as the Crake Gallery, Bedford Gardens Gallery, Rowland Ward Gallery, Zalah Wildlife Gallery, Director's Collection, and Visual Arts Gallery, all based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Trish has also participated in joint exhibitions at the Sandton Gallery, The National Exhibition for the Year of the Black Aged and the Bedford Gardens Gallery. At the beginning of 1983, Trish was commissioned by a leading Johannesburg newspaper, The Star, to paint the portrait of the Star Woman of the Year. This was presented to Dr. Elizabeth Vrba and received positive media coverage.

In March, 1992, the artist completed a major canvas in oils titled "Courage"
which included portraits of the main and secondary political players in
South Africa, and a poem written in tribute to then President De Klerk for
his role in abolishing apartheid. The painting received media coverage and
was subsequently presented to then President De Klerk .

In 1993, several of the artist's wildlife studies were published in the volume
Taverns of the Wild', published by The Directors' Collection.

Ex-president Lucas Mangope of Bophututswana acquired several of
the artist's 'Lost City' series wildlife paintings for his collection.

In 2008 the artist completed a large canvas depicting Mr. Nelson Mandela and
his wife, Graca Machel. She had the honor of being able to personally present
the painting to “Madiba” in December of 2008. The painting was very well received.

Many of her works have been published in calendars and jigsaw puzzles.

She has not held a one-woman show for a number of years due demands of commissions and family. The past few years have been dedicated to portraiture commissions and wildlife paintings.

Artistic goals are to meet the constant challenge of visual communication
in a fluctuating society by means of lateral creative expression and individual
techniques in various mediums and to pursue personal artistic potential to its
fullest extent.