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Trending In Art

Catherine Bogan is an enrolled member of the Cherokee Nation. She began her art career as a successful artist representative in Arizona for Pennington Fine Arts.

Wanting to create art as well as sell it, she began painting with oils. There was no formal education in art, but that didn't slow her down. In fact, if anything, painting became an obsession for her. More than once a visitor would find her working on three different paintings on three different easels at the same time.

There was a brief (ok, two and a half years) interruption of her painting career when she went blind from cataracts. Diagnosed as 'trauma cataracts', it was believed that they were the result of being thrown off of a horse a number of years earlier. And while her husband was quite proficient in working as her guide dog, she finally found a surgeon who would work on such severe cataracts. The surgery on one eye had to be repeated a year later, but her vision improved enough for her to return to the art world she loves so much.

Time passed and she expanded her interests to include acrylics and the Ebru technique, where the painting is made on a heavy water and then transferred to paper. On occasion she will work with watercolors. Her work has been collected by a small but growing list of patrons in Arizona, New Mexico, Tennessee and Wisconsin.

She currently holds the titles of wife, mother, grandmother and accomplished artist.