Welcome to the Treehovenland Gallery.

The Treehovenland Gallery celebrates family fun via abstraction in art.

We create original artistic media for the whole family, aiming to provide parents with forward-thinking learning tools in the electronic and physical realms, as well as a safe, fun and educational electronic playground experience for children and grown-ups alike!

Treehovenland is a world of fun, learning and adventure for the entire family. In Treehovenland we seek for our customers an actual place where we can create an exciting journey for the whole family to play together.

Enter Treehovenland, and meet your new hosts & friends from a proud bear tribe, the Treehoven family! They’ll walk you through the land, where you are going to have a blast meeting many other creatures and tribes through a fantastic journey for the entire family!

The art presented in this gallery is the first collection of the Treehoven family bears. To date this is the complete Treehoven family archive celebrating the four seasons of the year in family fun?

The four seasons are summer, fall, winter and spring.

Join the tribe today to remember your family with your own collection of Treehovenland artwork.


Autumn (Fall)