T. Rebel Art

T. Rebel Art



24.2. 2018 Knjigozemska (International mail art project - „What´s wromg in my city“) Zadar, Croatia
5.3.–16.3 2018
Armory Artweeks,(Artbox Project), New York, USA
11.10.–30.11. 2018
First Solo-Exhibition, “A drunken Butterfly”, BaenschStudio Bayreuth, Germany
29.11.–21. 12. 2018 Christmas Exhibition, Old Castle Bayreuth, Germany
15.4.–15.5.2019 J. Mane Gallery, “Eat” (online Exhibition)
25.4. 2019 U-Schlachthof, Stuttgart, Germany
15.8.–19.8.2019 Artbox Project Zürich, Swissartexpo, Switzerland
19.08.-19.09. J. Mane Gallery – “All woman” (online Exhibition)
22.9.-20.10.2019 Kulturinsel Stuttgart, Germany
September- Oktober 2019 Knjigozemska (International mail art project – „A man on the Moon“) Zadar, Croatia
1.-31.10.2019 Artbox Gallery „Artbox talent“ Zürich, Switzerland
September, November 2019
Artbox Gallery Zürich, Switzerland
Juny 2020 Exhibition "Multi Calling", La Fenice Gallery Hong Kong

Inspiration for my art I find in my surrounding and in media: I´m very sensitive to everything that in my opinion are injustices in society. That is why I´m the voice of sexual and gender identity minorities, of women, animals, dying nature on our planet. I try to empower marginalised groups in society, to encourage them to be just like they are, because the beauty is in diversity, in different perspectives and choices. I want to provoke, to make angry and induce actions by viewers. The worst thing that someone could say about my paintings is that "they are nice, beautiful", because I’m not painting to please but to make uncomfortable or to question norms of society.