I'm an artist, although I do not care for the title. My main driving force is fear. I'm mostly socially isolated, socially clumsy, generally think very different from people I have known. I'm quite resistant to humor, often assume worst case and cant tell insult from praise. Part of not caring was big part of liking myself which took good 25+ years. I'm against slavery and slavery of mind, religion. I'm also against censorship especially the kind you do not notice.

I started "art" roughly 8 years ago, I bought a drawing tablet and tested it out
and kinda liked it. I occasionally did some works it was random at start and evolved slowly into phases where I did things. Although will to improve was there at the start it took quite a few years to actually work on it. There was periods of intense training but too many breaks to actually improve. Truth is all the right information I needed was in front me, I just did not see it. Couple years ago I ventured into oil painting mostly because I felt there was something great at physical copy of the art. I still feel Digital art has the most potential and today I combine them.

Ultimate goal is to improve. I want to draw/paint something uncommon. I have weird fascination with fetishes and behaviors usually trying to think some evolutionary reason or some other not clear benefit. I do not understand old art at all, I feel it is very inferior to new art, but Russia 1800-1900+ was a good period. I mostly draw inspiration from nsfw works, nudes and combine them with unlikely things. I do not like obvious meanings, I rather there be a twist or confusion. Does an evil looking character have to be evil? Does innocent have to have good ending?

Hope you like what you find and if not, that's quite alright! Have a nice day.