Finger Paintings of Monika Toth

Finger Paintings of Monika Toth

Hi, and welcome to my site. My name is Monika Toth. I am a hungarian finger painting artist.

I paint oil paintings with this special technique. Following my inner guidance, I learned to paint in self-taught ways. Using the technique of finger painting was also instinctive.

While I paint I do not use a brush. I apply the oil color with my fingertips directly on the canvas. I adore this way of creation. Very exciting to be in a natural and direct connection with the materials.

I do not decide in advance what and how I want to paint. All the artworks born in the energies of the moment, without any conceptual planning or sketches.

I let myself be driven by my inner inspiration and let the painting comes to life with my assistance. My paintings carry energies. While creating I leave these energies coming in and “fix” them on the canvas with the oil paint. In this way the appearing feelings turn into colors and shapes. The energy of the creative process is preserved in the paintings and continues to live: through its brilliance, fills up its environment with positive feelings.

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