Tory Andrew Hurtado

Tory Andrew Hurtado

Tory Andrew Hurtado was born in Aurora, Colorado on November 15th, 1975. He later moved to California in 1985 and eventually put up roots in the south bay region of San Diego. After a couple of years in the United States Air Force, Tory studied under the tutelage of Chicano Park Muralist Michael Schnorr. He then went on to be awarded a Bachelors of Media Arts & Animation and a Masters of Business Administration.

Artist Statement - I try not to bind myself to any particular style or genre. I find myself in a fluid experimentation of mediums. Exposures to color, texture, line and tone push my pieces creatively. I want to create excitement, motion and energy through a randomness of my color palette use. I also tend to use what is on hand to help find new ways to create something interesting and conceptually unique.



Abstract Watercolor

Mixed Media

Illustration/ Digital