Toryahna Sofge

Toryahna Sofge

Toryahna Sofge has always enjoyed creating art throughout her entire life. She did lots of crafts as a child and was first introduced to paper mache when she was about ten years old. Her fist sculpture was of a hot air balloon. She used a party balloon for the basic shape of the sculpture. She enjoyed this; but with all the crafts she had, she didn’t do any paper mache for several years. It wasn’t until she got into middle school, where she was reintroduced to paper mache by her art teacher. He had all the students make an Egyptian god or goddess. Toryahna chose to make the goddess of love, Isis.

With assistance from her teacher, she made Isis without using a balloon for the basic shape. She made it by putting various objects together to make the goddess's shape, then covered it with paper mache. The goddess Isis turned out well, and it rekindled Toryahna’s interest in paper mache. After making this goddess she made several more sculptures throughout her time in both middle and high school. By the time she had graduated from high school, her skills in the medium had greatly improved.

After graduating she continued to make more artwork out of paper mache. She has a great love for art and uses her free time to make more. She finds art to be an amazing way to express herself and a great way to relax. She loves to make art and share it with others. She loves to see the joy it brings to them.

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