Miriam B. Besa

Miriam B. Besa


As a painter, I am inspired by the diverse cultures and people on our planet. I am also drawn to the beautiful, the common and the ordinary. By exploring my personal and spiritual connection with nature through my interpretation of God’s creation, I strive to create images that transport the viewers to a different state of mind. I want them to experience something new that they have not noticed in the past.
Utilizing both my illustrative instinct that I acquired through years of experience in Graphic Design and my modern stylistic technique, I explore the art of painting to achieve a sense of self-fulfillment. My style and my love of color give me a sense of freedom and joy in creating, which, in turn achieve a sense of motion and emotion in my work.
Armed with the design elements of line, shape, color, contrast. value, balance and texture, I particularly like to experiment with different materials like fine sand, burlap, sinamay fabric (woven in the Philippines), wood strips, rice grains and paper to accomplish a richness in texture or to evoke depth. My repertoire of tools include, but not limited to brush, palette knife, toothbrush, sponge, opaque and thinning mediums, wet on wet and glazing.
Making my works captivating by creating stunning and forceful images, shimmering with life is one of my goals to convey to my viewers. I strive to make my paintings speak out their innermost depth, conveying the message of healing energy and hope.
- BFAA from the College of the Holy Spirit, Manila, Philippines
- Studied under Morris Kantor, Art Student League, New York City
- Commissioned murals, Ascension Church, New York City
- Exhibited at Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center, and several Madison Avenue
Galleries, New York City
- Sold paintings: Philippines, California, Australia, Germany, New York State,
Rhode Island

still life

Borough Market, London


Philippine Culture

Abstract Art