Watercolors byTony Digregorio

Watercolors byTony Digregorio


A Man and His Vision - Anthony Alfred DiGregorio was born on February 11, 1938 on a farm in Longueuil Quebec, a small town near Montreal. 'Tony’ as he is called, was born with ‘non-dimensional’ vision, causing blurriness and distortion in his right eye. Tony learned to compensate for this, by using only his left eye, which was somewhat better to see the world around him.

Despite this disability, he knew from a young age that he wanted to become an artist. His teachers could see from his drawings that he was gifted, and encouraged his interest in art by suggesting to attend a specialized 'Art’ high school. They called on him for many school projects and community events. Tony was happy to comply. He knew these opportunities would give him the needed skills to formalize his art education. After graduating Arts High School in Newark N.J. in 1958, he was accepted to the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Arts to study advertising design. After completing his education in 1961 he began working as a freelance graphic artist in both New York and New Jersey. Always continuing to advance his career he began working for various advertising agencies full time, including CLAIROL Inc. and then accepting a position as Head Art Director for LASKY Printing in New Jersey creating art and designs for a National Menu Firm. Continuing to accept freelance work, it began to increase. Tony soon established his own graphic and typesetting business ‘AD-COMP’ located in Brick, New Jersey. This lead to other opportunities and enterprises that the artist invested in. Always open to new ideas Tony started yet another venture and merged with a fellow artist which was named ‘D&I’ Advertising in Lakewood, N.J. Clients of this firm were major casinos in Atlantic City and Six Flags Great Adventure to name a few.

In 1996, Tony suffered a stroke in his good eye, leaving him with only half vision in that eye. It was diagnosed as nerve loss and is called 'key hole vision' which is incurable. Despite having depth perception or peripheral vision he has continued to accomplish amazing artwork. 
Tony is now semi-retired and living in Florida. He is concentrating full time on pursuing his passion of painting in his favorite medium of watercolors. His art is displayed in several galleries and establishments across the Treasure Coast in Florida. Most of Tony's paintings are beautiful picturesque landscapes of actual favorite scenes and fictional locations. Also, custom paintings are created as requested from your favorite photos. 

As for Tony, he doesn't see himself as a handicapped artist, because he really isn't. His work‘speaks for itself’. Tony simply describes it as “Seeing the world around him as a photograph”. The world would describe 'Tony Dee' as "A Living Gift of what the Human-Spirit can accomplish”. He is a gifted artist of enormous stature, second to none!! Please take this time to ‘SEE’ for yourself.

ALL WORK SHOWN IS IN WATERCOLORS otherwise specified will be labeled as such.

All paintings displayed here are available at the following galleries:
Joseph Lynn Galleries / Stuart FL
Underground Art Gallery / Fort Pierce FL

Pop Art by artist Tony Digregorio

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