Captive Inspirations Gallery

Captive Inspirations Gallery

Combining a unique visual perception with my passion for photography enables me to express myself through my lenses. The camera becomes a natural extension of my eye. Photography has given me the ability to stop time and paint with light.

My passion for photography was ignited from one of my earliest photographs taken of my younger brother travelling at high speed on a bicycle across our backyard.

Shot from above on our balcony, I was amazed at the blurred background I had seized on film. I captured him in full motion "time had stood still".

Photography had given me the power to stop time for one infinite moment.

Armed with this knowledge I embarked on a never-ending journey striving to capture the ultimate image.

Growing up in the coastal twin towns of Forster / Tuncurry situated on the mid north coast of New South Wales, provided limited opportunity to pursue a career in photography.

My interest for photography was inspired while flipping through books and magazines at the local newsagent acquiring a yearning to achieve similar results.

Forster being the aquatic paradise nestled between a 27km lake and some of the countries finest surfing beaches provided me the visual palate to embark on my two great loves - surfing and photography.

My first foray into commercial photography was providing photographs for a local real estate agent. I taught myself how to shoot and process black and white, soon I was covering assignments for three regional newspapers. A small career had unfolded…

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