Tonia Burgess ART

Tonia Burgess ART

I have always had a love of colour and texture and expressing movement in my work. I am inspired by the way we see colour combinations in life and how we interact with colour on a daily basis. My work is also informed by my faith and the strength I draw from it. Each colour and brush stroke is a representation of my thought process as I create the work. I see myself as a ‘maker’ and so incorporate techniques and media from other creative disciplines, such as printmaking and textile works.

I have had a number of solo exhibitions and have exhibited works along side other artists too. I also enjoy painting commissions.

I have a Bachelor in Visual Arts from Melbourne University and have enjoyed teaching Secondary and VCE Studio Arts and whilst also being a practicing artist.

I find my studio at Le Studio Artspace and Gallery to be restorative and inspirational. Working in this space has brought a clarity to my work and allows freedom of expression in my own style.


The Green Paintings