ThomasW Photography

There is not a lot to say. Photography is a hobby, but I love to see things a little differently .... a different angle... a different perspective... a different focus.

I have a beautiful wife and four brilliant, but crazy, kids. We travel when we can, have fun always and everyone is talented in art, but me. I am a shutter bug, while the balance of the team excels in multiple traditional media.

I am an accountant by education, with a CPA, but I have spent my career in Marketing leading and growing prestige brands like Bath & Body Works, Victoria's Secret, Calphalon, KitchenAid, Breyers Ice Cream, Klondike Ice Cream Bars and Popsicle. I do what I do for a career because I love it.... but I create because I feel a need to be in constant amazement at the world around...

I am sure I will update this soon, because I am really not certain what to tell everyone at the moment... oh... except I am a Packer Fan from birth, love music and love the outdoors. OH! and FYI - I have my photo / print on demand commissions set at HALF, so the larger the print, the greater the savings for the buyer!