Tomo's Gallery

Tomo's Gallery

I used to be an architectural designer. I designed so many buildings which never be built in the world. It was so common that my designs were not picked as a final shape. There is only one design survives to create a piece of architecture. Thousands of ideas are lost in the process of making decisions.

Most of my designs were hard to build and not budget friendly. Moreover, my design was controversial aesthetically because I always wanted something new. Most of our conservative clients didn't want that in real life.

Then, I started thinking what if those ideas survive as pieces of paintings or art? Even if clients didn't decide to pursue that design, somebody else might want that idea. Of course, something I designed for clients cannot be published because that is the part of our service. I wouldn't reuse any of the design shown for clients.

Currently, I am working as a computer graphic visualizer for VR contents. I believe that I can utilize my new skills and create something new. Recently, I have been learning Houdini and 3dMax. Since I used to use Rhino + grasshopper, Houdini was very intuitive for me.

In this gallery I am hoping to show you some new ideas which are mixed with new technologies. I would like to create my new world with procedural method.

Besides the architectural computer graphics, I also paint for fun. The contents are merely expressing my mind. I hope you like it.