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a small engraving/etching exclusive series for sale of a grate painter/sculptor - enjoy.
his sculptures and oil paintings are selling for hunnderds of thousands fo dollars/euro
now you can bye a grate engraving/etching signed by the artist.
a beutifull apportunity to own one of his pieses.

A painter, sculptor, and etcher, Ofer Lellouche lives and works in Tel Aviv and Paris. His work has been exhibited at world-renowned museums, including the Gulbenkian Museum of Modern Art in Lisbon, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art the Israel Museum Jerusalem, the CAFA Museum in Beijing, the Hymalayas Museum in Shanghai, and the Albertina Museum Wien. He has been represented by the Jan Krugier Gallery untill its closure in 2012.
Although he began his artistic career in the 1970s by concentrating on video art, Ofer Lellouche soon felt a need to “get back to basics”: painting. For many years, the painted self-portrait was his consuming passion. Lellouche later branched out to landscapes, the still life, and the nude model. Most recently, this versatile artist has focused on sculpture.
Ofer Lellouche has also published theoretical treatises, including “Reflections on Narcissism”, “The Nude Descending a Staircase”, “Numbers: Thoughts on Diane Michener’s Photography”, and “The Wedding of Narcissus and Echo”.

today mr. lelloushe is teaching art and engraving in a university in china and he is invited to work and lecture all over the world

Ofer Lellouche was born in Tunisia, 1947. He studied Mathematics and Physics at Saint Louis college, Paris. In 1966, two months before his final examinations he ran away from home to kibbutz Yehiam in the Western Galilee, Israel. In 1968, during his military service, he suffered severe hepatitis which immobilized him for several months. It was during this illness that he started to paint. He first studied with Yehezkiel Streichman, an abstract lyrical painter, at the Avni Institute of Art in Tel Aviv. He later returned to Paris to study with the sculptor Cesar, At the same time obtaining a master's degree in Literature. His thesis concerned the work of Stephane Mallarme.

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