Tom Cox Art

Tom Cox Art

Tom Cox is a Watercolor Artist who lives in New Hampshire. He has worked as an independent Artist, Architectural Designer, and Illustrator since 1985. He is an Associate Member of the American Watercolor Society.

"A work of art conveys shapes and colors, but primarily, it should move the viewer's heart and mind."

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The artist is well established. His patrons have acquired more than two thousand pieces of his work over his career. He has exhibited his work in Vermont, New Hampshire and North Carolina. He was trained in various areas of the Fine Arts, and holds a degree in Architecture from the College of Design at NC State University. The artist paints in watercolor because it is effective for expressing the energy and passion he has for nature.

Northern Coastal Watercolors

Landscapes and Cityscape Watercolors

Southern Coastal Watercolors

Maine Watercolor Seascapes