Tomás Frederico

Tomás Frederico

Urban landscapes and architectural doodles combined with strong vivid colours are the subject of Tomás Frederico´s paintings. The artist sees himself as an "observer and critic" of city construction and urban growth in the last decades. Therefore, the artist believes the infrastructural and building excess reveals certains aspects that shoud be reconsidered, remastered and used in artistic combination.

Working in acrylic on paper, he uses the rich tones to provide his paintings with a strong physical presence. That presence is enhanced by his skill in manipulating architecture to fit both form and scale, which often creates a sense of energy or movement.

The resulting works transform standard notions of expressionism and abstractionism into a uniquely expressive form. " Sometimes the shape comes first, sometimes comes last, but the architecture and the movement are always there,", he says, and his paintings realize that goal. The artist lives and works in Lisbon, Portugal.

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