Okide M.T


Okide Maduka Tochukwu
Okide Maduka Tochukwu lives and works in Abuja Nigeria. Tochukwu unearths
artistic metaphors that symbolize the flux within International politics with a focus on the African condition, illegal migration and the cross pollination of cultures.
His creative process involves interrogating the loss, bestowment, acceptance and rejection of certain identities and its attendant consequences on the contemporary world .Though his practice is continually evolving he describes himself as a multidisciplinary artist and believes latent attribute of materials best convey certain messages. He is an empathizer that is passionate about good governance on the African continent, respect for human rights, respect for girl child rights and the rule of law.
Tochukwu was born in Lagos Nigeria to Igbo parents, his family was very small by African standards as he has just a female sibling.The love and care the parents showered on their children made them pursue their innate talents.At that period, most parents wouldn't encourage their children to develop their interests in art, but with Tochukwu this was different as he was greatly encouraged to do so.
In the Ahmadu Bello University Zaria Nigeria, Tochukwu was elected the President of the Fine Art Students Association. During his tenure he organized the first excursion by students of the association to art schools within the West African coast in Ghana and Benin. Tochukwu also became the Chairman of the Society of Nigerian Artists, Abuja Chapter , the umbrella body of all professional artists in Nigeria.
Tochukwu works on his art to convey sincerity and intendedness, he enjoys soft-rock music, afrobeats and high-life music intermittently as he works. He plays golf, loves to drive and reads autobiographies of inspirational leaders. He is a firm believer in the beauty of the human soul and the oneness of humanity. Tochukwu also spends time with his wife and their four boys.

Okide Maduka Tochukwu was a volunteer and foundation staff of the New Partnership for Africa's development ( NEPAD Nigeria) and is presently working as a Cultural Officer at the Federal Ministry of Information and Culture, Abuja , Nigeria.