In And Out Of Abstract

In And Out Of Abstract

In the darkest of times, the mind's eye begins to see and Artist are called on to create.
Hello my name is Tod Gaines, I am a MA. born Artist. When I paint I use Acrylics.
My Art hangs in the Children's Hospital of Boston and Wellesley, MA. I also have sold many self-made prints from a older collection a few years ago and stopped.
I participated in over 40 Art exhibitions including the Copley Sq. branch of BPL and the MA. State House. My work is also part of an imaginary wall of unity, connecting 50 countries through installations of walls of painted tiles. This project known as The Tile Project, Destination: The World, 2004 - 2006, was sponsored by the Trans Cultural Exchange and the United Nations. My painted tiles are on display in Calcutta, India and Beijing, China. Through my advocacy I help to remove 37, 000 illegal guns of the streets in 2010. I also advocated to get a local Walmart store to stop selling BB and pellet guns.these are a few issues that I have been blessed to see a helpful path.
Early in 2017 after watching the assault on the Arts and Sciences I spent eight months creating a collection of paintings titled " WHAT THE HUBBLE DIDN'T SEE" With a focus on children, I have exhibited this collection through the branches of the Boston Public Library. The Hubble Space Telescope can only take black & white images, but buy analyzing wavelengths of light that different elements emit in space, scientists turn dull pictures of our universe into colorful masterpieces. Taking those enhanced photos from the Hubble telescope program I reproduced them on canvas using Acrylic paints. Hidden in my version my version are unique portraits of children from all over the world. This traveling exhibit was curtailed by the present pandemic. But I am uploading it on this site.
During the stressful full period of pandemic quarantine, I created new additions to my collection of paintings titled " Puddie Cat " and " The Gentleman " ( a Dog) I am offering them as prints.
I also will be putting up a few other collections of original Art for sale. Thank you giving me a moment of your time. Tod Gaines

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