Jon'te Aycox Bio

Jon'te Aycox is an Artist and Writer from Las Vegas NV. He discovered his passion for the Arts, at nine years old. He always sat at the table in the kitchen, drawing, while all the other kids were outside playing.

He also had Art classes doing his years in
High School. He became more and more passionate about the arts, Over the years. His craft started to develop, improving more and more. Creating his own unique style of Art, from the many Acrylic Paint colors he uses to the type of unique drawings he creates. The type of Art he does is, Nature, Portraits, Animals, humans, and Abstract, Spiritual Art, he puts his unique style on different types of Art he does.

Jon'te discovered his passion for writing later
in life. He created his blog site in 2010, on WordPress, which has all his writings. Poetry to Spiritual Writings, also short stories that take the reader on an Adventure. His Writings are Fiction but also he talks about things that so many can relate to. His writings also give Inspiration, happiness, and positivity. He writes from the heart.

Giving back through that passion, that gift, that talent, is what Jon'te was always taught. Every Christmas Jon'te, Created Angel Art pieces for his coworkers at his job, to spread cheer, and happiness. Jon'te recently had his Art in a Gallery Show, Along with other Las Vegas Talented Artists, for a great cause. That Gallery Show was by a Non-Profit Art Company called 'Think Art.' 'Think Art' brings Artists together in the community, to display their art, and help Art Schools and Art Organizations. Jon'te also donated one of his Art pieces to Erlanger Health System hospital in Chattanooga, TN.

He plans on getting his Art into
many more Galleries.
He has his first-ever self-published
book on, called,’ Sweet September,’ A short Fictional Novel. He plans on publishing his Artbook and two more novels.

Through all that Jon'te does, he hopes to continue to give back, making the world a better place.
Quote - "The Beauty Of Art Is In The Eye Of The Beholder" 'JonteTheArtist'

I will love it if you email me after you buy the art, let me know how the Art makes you feel. Will love to hear your stories.

For More Info On Jon'te, Please check out his Links to his sites jonte.Aycox

Blog Site- https://www.aycox79.wordpress. com JonteTheArtist