Artist Bio

Tobias is a multidisciplinary artist, practicing in painting and ceramics. In 2015, he was awarded the VSA MN Emerging Artist Grant. He has exhibited with Avivo Artworks, The Show Gallery, and the Minneapolis Institute of Art. He has an Associates of Fine Arts from Minneapolis Community & Technical College and an Associates of Applied Science in Computer Animation from Art Institute International Minnesota.
A strong a mental health advocate, Tobias is interested in raising mental health awareness. In 2013, he received a Social Commentary Award from Artability, recognizing his art that explores mental health and institutionalization.

His background is in painting portraits and creating funeral urns for memorial artwork. Projects in the past have been more traditional and representational. In the past he has created pointillist nature paintings and surrealist landscape paintings. Currently, he is working on abstract nudes. He is creating a new body of work that explores the human figure inspired by Cubism. His interest in abstract figure paintings comes from the desire to focus on the fundamentals of design, line quality, and mass gesture. He is branching from his more traditional portraits to abstracting the human form.
When painting Tobias uses acrylic on large canvases.
Inspired by Bali masks and Cubism, these paintings are abstractions of the human form. He calls these abstract paintings Cubist because of the process that he uses to create them. Similar to how In Cubism artists work from three different points of view of the same still life or figure. He works from three different charcoal drawings from his figure studies and combines them into one painting. He relies heavily on line quality and mass gestures instead of cubes however, so as to convey the beauty of the human form. With these 30” x 40” paintings, He is expanding into the abstract while focusing on the fundamentals of art.

Surreal Paintings

Pointillist Nature Gallery

cubist nudes