I have two associates degrees one in fine arts and one in computer animation.
Lately I have been creating pointillist nature paintings, surrealist landscape paintings, and abstract nudes.
For my pointillist works I start with close up photographs taken from nature. These are based on photos of animals, bugs, and plants.
My artwork is about how having an appreciation for nature is actually a good thing. It is important to value nature in that without an appreciation for it we lack motivation to properly take care of it. The concept of the artwork goes against the idea that loving nature is somehow the cause of mistreating it. Replacing the term nature with the term ecology is too existential. It is a good idea to enjoy the great outdoors.
The abstract nudes that I paint also have beauty. They are cubist in how they are made however I work with line quality and mass gestures instead of cubes.
In the surrealist paintings I create I rely on pictures taken of interesting rock formations. I create surreal paintings when I have a specific concept to illustrate because of the symbolism and dream like qualities inherent in surreal artwork.

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