Toad Hallow Studio

Toad Hallow Studio

Hi, my name is Jessica, and I am a fourth generation visual artist. My great grandmother passed down a love of art through the generations in my family, so I have grown up understanding that the visual language of how we interpret the world around us is an amazing way to express ourselves, our thoughts, visions, hopes and feelings.

In this gallery are examples of many styles of my work. I work with varying subject matter, but I always work with concepts that are positive and forward moving.

I have work about Goddesses, inspired by the findings in Neolithic Archeological sites, Mermaids, nature and animals. My work has some spiritual references, but no ideology. I am truly inspired by artists like Monet, who strove to capture beauty with as little ego as possible in their work.

I love finding ways to manipulate media such as watercolor, and find happy accidents as I go. My abstract work gives me the freedom to really explore the worlds of shape, color and energy flow on the page. I hope that you enjoy my work, and please also know that 10% of my profits will go to help organizations in Nepal to do work that supports local villages to sustain themselves and get resources that they need to survive. Please enjoy the work and share the site with others that you think would enjoy my art and my vision of partnership with Nepal.