Tiara L. Moran

Tiara L. Moran


Tiara is a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to art. She is willing to take on any project that gets thrown her way and is always looking for more opportunities to learn new things. Tiara is a published author, an antique enthusiast, and has a heart for the environment. Firmly believing anything can be reused and up-cycled, Tiara dedicates the majority of her artistic talents to restoring old things and making something out of just about everything.

Primary Artistic Talents: Antique restoration, Furniture repairs, Logo designing, Painting, Sketching, Photography, 3D creations, Sewing, Decal designing, Clothes making, Body care products, Floral arrangements, Jewelry making

Other Talents: Writing, Spells and charms making, Spiritual healing

Interests: Environmental health, Animal welfare, Mental Illness awareness

Email: tlmoran@carpe-chaos.com

Blog: https://tlmoran.blogspot.com/

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