I am a spiritual traveler who visits unusual places while I sleep. I share these journeys through my paintings.

I began my professional life at age six, playing concerts throughout Eastern Europe as a violinist child prodigy. Not content with the inherent limitations the performing arts afford, I wanted more, and one day found myself fascinated with color, design, and especially, fine arts painting. I became a full time student in an art apprenticeship similar to those of the time of Ghirlandaio (Michelangelo's teacher) that lasted eight intensive years, during which I exhibited widely, won several prizes and sold phenomenally.

But this, too, was not enough for my insatiable hunger to know more. I went to college, pre-med, completed the required four years of studies in just two and a half, graduated with honors, and continued my formal education in medical school. After three years there and five additional years of private studies in astronomy, physics, chemistry, biology and philosophy, I had at last attained the knowledge that would give me the opportunity to do the work I felt compelled to do. Since then I have written two books, painted 41 important commissions, exhibited here and in different countries, was published here and abroad, won more prizes and completed several intellectually demanding series of paintings.

Working in my own styles, which I call macro realism and abstract symbolism, I leave my imagination free reign. Employing such techniques as double canvas, multilevel construction, sculptured line, etc., my mostly three-dimensional, vibrant, dynamic and dramatic paintings deal with a variety of subject matter and can be found in many important collections throughout the world.