Tina N Turner, Nicholson Studios

Tina N Turner, Nicholson Studios


My Background

When I was two, the very first thing I ever drew was a full bellied stick figure with fingers, hair, ears and other details. My mother thought my five-year-old sister drew it. But my sister was honest! Of course, I don't remember this, but everyone was very surprised at what little Tina could draw.

When I was 10, I could choose any extracurricular activity I wanted as long as it was art class. So my parents put me in private art lessons. I also joined the school art club where I designed yearbook covers, painted murals, and made a giant pizza costume out of foam that I had to wear in a parade where my junior high school crush saw me. I figured if I threw him a moon pie, he would fall in love with me. Didn't work out.... I kept missing him because my short pizza arms couldn't throw accurately...

When I went to college, I majored in fine art where I took classes in painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, graphic design, and art history. Once we painted a nude lady. It was a little awkward at first until she started talking to us and then it got really awkward. She started rambling about how she could never be in a relationship because she was too set in her ways bla bla bla and I just wanted her to be quiet so I could paint (we did multiple studies of her so we saw a LOT of this woman... as well as seeing a lot of her).

As an adult, I do graphic design for a living and pour my heart and soul into painting as a hobby. I love the work I do and the challenge of bringing life and depth to the animals I paint.

My Medium

I have taken several private classes in classic oil painting and discovered glazing over under-paintings. I am not counting the paint nights with the girls where everyone pays $35, gets all supplies provided, and copies the teacher while drinking heavily and sometimes drinking the paint water. I've seen some interesting work come from these events, but people usually are very surprised at my work. I just smile and say thank you and leave out that it would be sad if my paintings were terrible since I have been an artist my entire life. Maybe I shouldn't go to those things...

In all seriousness, my (original) paintings start off with a neutral colored acrylic under-painting. By neutral, I mean brown and white, green and white, or black and white. Then I use oil glazes to color the animal and paint dry oil directly into the glazes to bring out the highlights, deepen the shadows, and add more color. My goal is to bring the animal to life and for the onlooker to see the hint of a soul in the eyes (except for the jellyfish - I couldn't find their eyes). I hope you enjoy my work because I do enjoy creating it!

My Inspiration

I am inspired by the world around me. I am an ENFP in the Myers Briggs 16 Personalities so I hate to miss out on anything and love drinking in the beauty around me. My entire life, I have always gotten excited when there is an extravagant sunset painted in the sky for us; although most people around me have been less than enthused and maybe even somewhat annoyed at being ordered to LOOK LOOK at the beautiful sunset!!!

I enjoy painting sunsets, but it is hard to improve upon their beauty. Now animals! That’s another story. I love making them even more beautiful by painting them. My favorite part of any animal to paint is their eyes (even the little chicken eyes I painted but not counting the jellyfish whose eyes I still can’t find).


The Animal Soul