Tina Escobar - Artist at Heart

Tina Escobar - Artist at Heart


Hello my name is Tina Escobar and I'm an artist at heart.

I have dreamed of being an artist since that very first painting in preschool.

My purpose is to bring more beauty into the world and create a new vision along with inspiring others to develop their own unique vision.My mission is to be a guide for others on their own path to discovering their purpose.

I'm committed to my dream of earning a living as an artist and to teaching others to believe in their own gifts and dreams.

As a way to provide for my family, create art and to homeschool, I do artsy parties on location. That means I take my mobile art studio on location for people to come together for a relaxed fun social gathering to express their creativity through acrylic painting.

I truly enjoy teaching the young and old alike how to paint with acrylics and share all that I've learned over the years of practicing and experimenting.