Timur Ponevole

Timur Ponevole


"Creativity for me is the search for lines, color, energy... These are the aspects that make up our world. Lines create the silhouette of objects, color fills them and energy gives life. And this life can be found even in an inanimate object, because life is more than breathing and eating. Life is the energy in which we live.

In my creative way I can't call the exact directions in which I work. I study everything, I study this world from all its angles and points of view, because looking at the world from one angle it is impossible to understand what it really is. And the world is complicated. And it takes time to study it and understand its beauty. And I decided to devote my time to finding something beautiful in the simple.
My works can be both simple line drawings and paintings full of color and tone. And while I do one thing, something new, something unusual and beautiful at the same time, is already beginning to emerge in my mind.

2017 - Participant in the IV International Festival of Young Artists "ART-Samgau - 2017" among the art colleges of Kazakhstan and other countries.
2018 - Engaged in designing the brand "Peruanochka" for the exhibition PromEXPO-2018 in Moscow.
2018 - Participated in the "Flight of Fantasy" contest.
2019 - Participant in the contest "Researchers. Point of no return." in the category "Beach of Jupiter."
2019 - Participant in the competition for artists from Halyk Bank and Artmeken gallery "Halyk Art Prize" with the work "Bond".