Tim R Tanz, Art & Photography

Tim R Tanz, Art & Photography


Hello & welcome to my site.

I have been taking photographs and painting since in grade school.

The past two decades have been devoted to my first career - Realtor - working with home buyers and sellers in St. Louis, MO. The urge to paint and shoot has always been there, but it is pulling at me more lately. So I decided to create this site to share some of my favorite things.

When I am not working with Real Estate clients, I spend my spare time in the summer outside in the yard and garden. I love being outside, and working in the dirt, planning & planting my flower gardens. Pulling weeds is my part-time job in the summer...

My spouse and I are also re-doing our 1950's ranch located just outside the City. Both the home and 1.2 acre lot had not been improved - and neglected since the 80's. We knew we had a real project when we purchased it in 2014. It needed everything.

The first years were concentrated on cleaning up outside - removed over 30 old trees that were sick or dying, cleaning out the overgrown thicket, removing collapsed out-buildings and old foundations, having dump trucks of dirt hauled in to level out the yard. Then planting of all the new trees and flower gardens. It has come a long way...

This year we will focus on re-doing the kitchen. It's not so overwhelming if we take one big project a year.

We have a nice, simple life here with our three kitties - Ethel (our 3-legged kitty), Lucy & Ricky.

I hope you enjoy your visit, and thank you for viewing my work.

Merry & Bright - My Christmas Obsession -
I am a huge Christmas fanatic. I spend weeks decorating both the inside and exterior of our home. I really enjoy putting it up; taking down, not so much. We have a huge (9 x 28) concrete room under the front porch - I call it the "Christmas Bunker", and it is stuffed floor to ceiling with lighting, decorations, and totes of floral for my arrangements. I've also taken over a bay of the garage. I try to do a different theme/color each year; this past year (2019) it was rose gold, gold & browns. It really has become an obsession, and my husband tells me I am needing to purge a good amount this Spring. It is hard to part with it. We will see...

My Artwork & Photography
I especially like to shoot the floral arrangements I create for the Holidays, zooming in on portions of the flowers and filling the composition of the photo. I think the images have an almost abstract feel.

Christmas Florals