Tim Pangburn Art

Tim Pangburn Art


I've been a tattoo artist since 1998, and currently own Art Machine Productions in Philadelphia. I work on my fine art and illustration work in my home studio in Lower Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

My illustrative pieces are heavily inspired by comic book and cartoon imagery from the early 90's, particularly comic artists Simon Bisley, Sergio Aragonés, and Marc Hansen, and the animation of Jon Kricfalusi and Bill Plympton. Nearly 20 years of tattooing has also made a major mark on my style.

I also work with mixed media, collage, and abstract as well. These works draw more from an emotional space, and encompass the raw forms of action and impulse, with a focus on use of variations in color and texture. Among influences I include Jasper Johns, Russell Mills, Zdzisław Beksiński, and many others.

In addition to artwork listed, I am available for commissioned work as well.