Nature Photography by Tim Hinkle Jr

Nature Photography by Tim Hinkle Jr

I have spent my life living in one of the most beautiful areas of the country, Florida. Here we have some of the most beautiful weather there is. Although, it does get quite warm or just plain right hot in the summer, but you never have to shovel snow. I am blessed with good friends and family.
When I step outside, whether it is on the east coast or west coast, the great outdoors inspires me. I try not to miss a day when I can step outside and take in God's beauty that He has blessed us with each and everyday. I look to nature and gardening for relaxation and get inspired by what I see. It is this inspiration that I try and capture in my photographs of the outdoors. I hope you become as equally inspired when you are outside in this beauty. My hope is for my photographs to add a smile to your face and happiness in your heart.
I dedicated this website to my father, Tim Hinkle Sr., who has inspired me all of my life and means so much to me. Without him, these pictures and site would not be possible. I enjoy every moment that he and I are out in nature gathering these photos. Thank you dad.

Tim Hinkle Jr.‚Äč