Nature's Artwork

Nature's Artwork

Nature's Artwork was founded in the year 2000 by me, Tim Feuerstein. My love for natural and exotic minerals and stone led me to start my business and sell locally at art fairs in Michigan. Since then I have expanded into Illinois and Ohio. All my products are handcrafted personally, with the Slab-O-Stones and Lazy Stones displaying the very unique and natural-looking chiseled edging.

Currently Nature's Artwork creates and sells four different products. The Slab-O-Stone continues to be the most popular. Over 75 varieties of granite and marble have been handcrafted into these wonderful, functional pieces of art. The Slab-O-Stone is mainly used as a cheese board or hors-d'oeuvre tray. It can also be used as a cutting board if you don't mind having to sharpen your knives after a few years, and a trivet, withstanding any object's heat you pull from the stove/oven. The best thing about these products is that you can chill the stone before serving your appetizers, keeping them cooler for much longer while on a beautiful display. The Slab-O-Stone has been a great gift for weddings, house warmings, Christmas and more.

The Lazy Stone is quickly gaining in popularity. The younger generations are just starting to figure out the usefulness of a lazy susan. Yes, the Lazy Stone spins due to a high-grade stainless steel ball bearing mechanism underneath. Great for use on the dining table, island, or kitchen counter. Since these are made from granite they can take the abuse of hot, cold, spills, etc. unlike their wooden counterparts. Contrasting the color of your Lazy Stone to where you are placing it is traditional and allows it to stand out, but still some customers like to match their granite counter when placing it on the dining table.

The Wine Tipper is a new product popular with wine enthusiasts or people who just like interesting displays. Wine Tipper may be made of granite, marble, or engineered stone. The Wine Tipper's purpose is to create a gravity-defying display of your favorite wine or wine bottle's artsy label. Simply place any full bottle of wine (or an empty wine bottle filled with water and corked) in the cork-lined hole of the Wine Tipper while holding it on it's angled surface. Adjust the position of the bottle until a perfect balance is struck.

Major Canis is a raised pet feeder sculpted into the shape of a bone and made out of granite or marble. Major Canis can be ordered to height, with the most common chrome plated steel leg lengths being 4 inches for smaller dogs, 6 or 8 inches for medium sized dogs, and 10, 12 inches or longer for large dogs. Each Major Canis comes with (2) 2-quart stainless steel dishes and (4) protective caster cups for the leg's feet.


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