Hand Drawn Mazes


I have been drawing off and on since I was quite young. Among the various things I would draw, I would occasionally draw very simple, two dimensional mazes. I have also drawn simple cartoon stories and many goofball faces, etc. Fast forward many many years to the present - On a whim, I began drawing once again for myself. After seeing that I still had the ability to draw, as it had been quite a while, possibly not since my college days, I started drawing mazes for my children based on the cartoon characters they were very fond of at the time. I would hold competitions with my son to see who could complete the maze in the least amount of time. After drawing mainly for my children, I also began to branch out and draw classic car mazes, boat mazes, etc. As you will see in these maze drawings is that the maze fits nicely into the drawing. I really enjoy overlaying a maze on the objects that I have drawn. Getting the maze correct, in terms of perspective, is the challenge I enjoy. I hope you do as well.