Timeless Art On Canvas

Timeless Art On Canvas


Most of the paintings you will see here are from my wife. She was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2003 after experiencing double vision. She always loved to paint ever since she was a child. The collections of her Paintings shown in my art gallery (available via prints only). Most are from 2006 to present.

I myself like to take pictures of various things in nature, as well as write poetry within paintings. I do like to paint myself as my wife inspired me to release my inner artist.

Better and higher resolution posters, more paintings and photos.

I'll be adding more as they become available!

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https://www.cowcow.com/artist/timelessartoncanvas Little Modern, A Little Traditional, And A lot of Imagination!

Our Goal is for you to be able to place a great piece of art into your home or business!

Proud winner of the NDEAM Art Contest of 2015. The Painting that won, was the Horse I Named TIPTON JOE. The painting itself will be proudly hanging in the Government Offices of Texas. Thousands of the Posters will be distributed throughout the United States.

Gallery Of Paintings


Gallery of Paintings