Tim Diviny

Tim Diviny


I love ideas. I think the artist Eugéne Delacroix said something like art should be pleasing to the eye, and if it had an idea that would be a bonus. While I subscribe to what Eugéne said, I do usually get an idea first, one that won’t leave me alone until I work out how to express it. Like Delacroix I look to create an exciting looking piece. But like any artist, it’s the realisation of a meaning behind each painting that I look for.

I’m big on gestural painting. So it’s abstract expressionism in all of its manifestations that appeals to me – from the usual suspects like Pollack and Kline to the more obscure but no less exciting artists of the Cobra movement, Karel Appel being a favourite.

Growing up in Australia, I found the great ‘outback’ enthralling and frightening. Vast, mysterious and seemingly never-ending, it’s scale and unyielding presence has been a source of inspiration for many artists. I grew to love those who took the edge off its immediacy through abstraction – usually Australian painters of the 20th century, Fred Williams, John Olsen, Jeffrey Smart, Russell Drysdale, Sidney Nolan and many more.

I do draw, as well! Years of sketching up advertising ideas has kept my hand in. I draw whenever I have a free moment – fellow commuters, airport lounges, living rooms and a bit of flora in a sprawling suburban park virtually across the road from me. I also toy with digital apps for ideas for abstract paintings.

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