My view of nature

My view of nature

I am from UK. I was brought up and educated in a picturesque environment in Sri Lanka, that led me to draw and paint various landscapes since I was a little girl. I always admired natural beauty. I do painting as a hobby. I have done my studies in different streams but I always stayed closed to the nature. My BA degree was done in economics and my MSc degree in Environmental Economics, which helped me to study the natural environment in detail.

I thoroughly enjoy painting and mostly doing during my leisure time. To improve my painting skills further I have done a diploma in Landscape painting from the London Art College.

I draw what ever a scenery captures my eye. It may be from a picture in a book or a photograph or what I have seen. I have done many paintings for various competitions as a school girl, and still would like to do so. I am a leisure artist who loves to produce an output in my own space. My favourite mediums are acrylic and oil, but I also do arts using charcoal and pastel. I use palette knives as well as paint brushes to do my paintings. I hope you will enjoy my paintings.

Thushara Mendis from UK