Thomas Hughes

Thomas Hughes

Thomas was born in San Francisco, California in 1946. He grew up in the Sunset District, very close to the beach and attended Holy Name Grammar School at 40th and Lawton. The classes were taught mostly by the Sisters of Mercy. This is the time he got started in art as a hobby/life profession. He then attended St. Ignatius High School. Most classes were taught by Jesuits. No art classes, unfortunately.

He attended Seattle University in the late '60's and graduated with a BA degree in Social Work and a minor in Fine Arts. He studied Graphic Design at Seattle Community College in the mid-seventies and worked in the Graphics Arts field for almost 20 years in Seattle.

He states that his first influences in art were Jon Gnagy, Dong Kingman, and Ed Roth. Later on it was Nick Damascus, Val Laigo, Marvin Herrard, (three Fine Arts professors at Seattle U). Among artists and painters he admires are Monet, Seaurat, Picasso, Turner, Paul Jenkins, William DeKooning, and John Singer Sargent to name a few. He's had several showings of his work in Seattle in the '70's and '80's at local coffee houses before returning to the Bay Area in 1993. While living in San Bruno he had several shows there and in Pacifica.

He lives on the Mendocino Coast of California, his studio a stones throw from the Pacific Ocean. Since moving here he's had showings of his work at The Headlands Coffee House, Reynolds, Artisans Village, and Mendocino/Otsuchi Art Exchange.

Oil or Acrylic Paintings on canvas



Ink Drawings from the '70's.