Third Eye - B Aswin Roshan

Third Eye - B Aswin Roshan

Dr. B Aswin Roshan PhD.(Reiki) B.E.

Am a reiki master, magnified healing master, founder, and Managing Director of Third Eye Reiki Services.

My soul agenda in this world is to channel vibrant powerful New Age healing energies that happen to manifest through me as a medium to divine dimensions of an alternate reality ( spiritual realms) that has the power to dissolve lower energies (fear, anger, etc.)And establish health, wealth, harmony, peace, gratitude, success, and universal divine love among the citizens of earth.

When I paint I channel the artwork from the divine and it happens to reveal future events. Essentially I auto draw the future.

I intend to use the funds raised through the sale of my art prints to the cause of imparting this priceless and timeless art of healing "reiki".
The gallery is about an original series of artworks around the theme of "Third Eye" . which is the portal to the divine.

I have a special ability of painting some aspects of the future of our world and universe as a whole.