Russell Cusick Gallery

Russell Cusick Gallery

Russell Cusick Gallery
Mixed Media Photo/Acrylic panels (process of combining painting, texturing and photography into framed and unframed panels of all sizes) and wall installations and museum quality archival prints suitable for framing.

Hudson River Valley photographer and multi media artist Russell Cusick is a native of California's San Joaquin Valley. His interest and passion in art and photography began very early. In his early teens, he became intrigued with 35 mm photography and converted his family's bathroom into a dark room in order to create his own prints. Russell continues to be very passionate about art and photography and in finding new and unique ways of displaying and modifying photographic images for his clients homes and businesses.

Russell's other passion has been singing, he attended the University of Nevada Reno where he studied music and theater, and after undergraduate Studies he moved to NYC, where he received a four year full scholarship to study and perform in productions with the Juilliard Opera Center.

Russell has been an artist/photographer/business/owner in New York's Hudson River Valley, since 1999 and has owned and been the sole proprietor Galleries in Cold Spring and Beacon, NY since 2010. Russell's New York City Cityscapes and Hudson Valley landscape works have been sold to clients throughout the world.

Artist Statement
As both a visual and performing artist...I see not only the theater and concert hall as a stage, but I see everywhere I visit as a stage. I've had a long lasting love for the art of landscape and wide format panoramic images. My photographic work has been published in the U.S. and in Europe, with a classic Hudson Valley River Scene being featured in in London's Financial Times Sunday Edition on August 31st, 2016

I love to create wall hangings of all sizes for my clients. I have always been motivated by the mystery and beauty all around me, and my goal is to share my fascination through my imagery. I feel very fortunate and very blessed to have opportunity to continue to capture the life and beauty playing out around me and I hope and strive to share that feeling with my clients through my work.

Review in Gallery & Studio Magazine-August 2014
New Century Gallery in New York City:
Russell Cusick, a former operatic baritone turned
multi-media visual artist combines painting with photography
to dramatic effect in panoramic Hudson River Valley landscapes
that follow in the exalted footsteps of Thomas Cole and Asher B. Durand.
Usually mounted on long horizontal panels that suggest the scale and sweep
of the heavenly landscape, Cusick's pictures amplify it's beauty with their
skillfully tweaked hues. In "Hudson River from Little Stony Point," one of
his most picturesque vistas, the verdant hills and valley meet the crystal clear
waters under a magnificent blue sky and pearlescent clouds. In his "Chapel of
Our Lady Hudson River Snow," the scene takes on the quality of a Chinese
hand scroll, with spidery winter trees surrounding the white columned
facade of the chapel, the snowy shore and golden lights glowing like votive
candles off in the distance, against the bare woods and dusk sky.
Something of a departure, yet apropos of Hudson River Conservation's
patron saint Pete Seeger. As a smiling little girl in pink tie-dye
sweatshirt with a deign painted on her cheek taps his elbow to get his
attention, the elderly, white bearded folk music legend makes his way
toward the stage, clutching his banjo, it's head emblazoned with the
slogan, "This machine surrounds hate, and forces it to surrender."

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