Halim A. Flowers

Halim A. Flowers


Halim is a Superpredator-But not really. After being sentenced to life in prison at the age of 16, this is the title he was given and fought hard to denounce.

Held in a cage for 22 years, Halim began crafting his method of expression, to find some peace in a hopeless place, before his resurrection back into the “real” world.
Halim is an artist that uses photography, poetry, and spoken word to further his radical love revolution. Transcribing his poetry directly onto imagery, in a genre called, PhotoPoetry, Halim is dedicated to the now archaic practice of handwriting.

Each of PhotoPoetry works are only an edition of seven. He donates at least two pieces from each edition to low income collectors to assure that his art is not exclusively exhibited in high net worth homes.