I have been a artist from school day's i am fifty five now and still at it i do many kinds of styles from drawings to paintings to other kind of pencil and color pencils texter so on Although i did not plan to do it for a living until recently thinking back in how people love my art they say to me to sell it before then it was just to pass my time in the love i have for art i never thought i would sell it so now by faith i just began to market my Art and see if i can make a living out of what i love best now during my life time i also did music as a one man band solo artist even writing my own songs here is my site and how much people i attracted to my songs and site is huge on music also see link below
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NOW in art what i will not do is idolatry that is i never draw or do art that represents a false god(s) or to worship them i only worship praise GOD ALMIGHTY JEHOVAH HIS SON HOLY CREATOR OF LIFE and in music most of my songs are Christian song i do most styles that have mostly Christian lyrics or descent songs again i only worship praise GOD as said above also in anything else in life it is the same thing inspired by GOD in all i ever did do will do

Also soon i will put a scripture of the holy bible or new one inspired by GOD IN WHAT each ART PIECE REPRESENTS or like what it means and i have done so already TO SOME OF THEM although my art are just art of nature that GOD DID CREATED like a photo album and may not have a scripture for these but i hope GOD gives me one for each art piece i pray i will never do art that are not real as in monsters although cartoons descent ones i may do so for the kids if GOD PERMITES but descent one's or Christian one's OK

Although i may draw a idol but but but let people know for teachings in what we must not ever do to make them and worship them i will put to disgrace these false gods before public with a scripture to knock them back so people know what they must never do which is to make them or and worship them this is i am Authorised by GOD to do so in order for him to put these false gods to disgrace and teach all nation what we must never do which is as said above


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