The Majestic Craftsmanship Studios

The Majestic Craftsmanship Studios

Hello, everybody, my name is Jacob Friedman and it is an honor to get in touch with you throughout this platform. My interest has always been the connection between art, and business, as well as others.

I am utilizing this platform to raise awareness with everybody that I am doing some artwork, and putting it out in the commercial market with other websites that cater to creativity for customs designers and making that a short term goal before independently marketing my artwork professionally, which are made into licensed products, and printed reproductions. With that, my goal is to raise money to start a business in the fields of arts.

I am currently putting my artwork into licensed products and printed reproductions throughout many online marketplaces, where that along with other crowdfunding websites with campaigns almost completely equivalent from this crowdfunding platform, I am attempting to raise over $100,000 if not above to start a sole proprietorship in freelance visual arts with a budget of many different contracts, equipment, fees, financial backups, licenses, permits, supplies, etc.. The way that money will be raised is through sales of my artwork into licensed products, and printed reproductions, and fundraising via many crowdfunding campaigns, I got links to, down below, as well as crowdfunding throughout many paychecks sent to my address, which I will give you.

All I ask from you is for you to please donate as much as you wish to contribute to this venture as many times as you are ready to, even if it is like 1 cent or dollar or even dollar grand. And the other thing I ask of you to please share this information from others, whom I ask of you to please donate to this campaign. And if anybody wishes to support me by means of not just donation, but, helping put this information out there via advertisements, and stuff, for legal, and safety purposes, please, consult with me, first, before doing so.

I have been doing artwork in various mediums in my infanthood after learning, and practicing those artistic skills from watching cartoons, reading comics, etc., and inspired by many artists in various artistic fields, and influenced by many interests I grew up with, catering to real life as far as growing up with many different memories to enjoy that it validates as the development of my work personally attributing it to many different aspects that I feel fortunate to encounter in all of my life. Whatever is in my head, I usually draw it out. Whatever would be in it really depends. Just because that is the case, does not enable for me to just continuously post my work without determining which one I believe should be for sale. And what intrigued myself to doing business is that making it your venture allows you the opportunity to express gratitude with freedom to make choices that really matter a lot. Artists may have the luxury of expressing themselves with creativity, but it is unfortunate that not many are successful, especially throughout the market under another third party's trademark. I am choosing to do differently in the sense of making it my own business in that field, especially since visual arts may be rare, but worth experiencing for others.

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2532 Santa Catalina Drive
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